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Major Responsibilities
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The Party Committee Organization Department is a school Party committee department under the professional engaging in the construction of grassroots party organizations, Party members and cadres team construction of the major functional departments.
    Organization Department’s main duties are:
    Do a good job of school primary organizational construction of the party and construction of Party member team: to insure organization promoting inner-party various educational activities, to guide the Party ( Party committee ) to update, to study and improve the construction of grassroots party organizations, to guide the grass-roots organization development and management of the party members, to do the investigation of grassroots party organization and construction of Party member team, to cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job of Party member education and decorous party conduct inspection and supervision work, to make sure each branch Party committee ( Branch ) carry out executive democratic centralism, collective leadership and the party organization life situation. Our department is responsible for the transfer of Party membership dues and the membership management.
    Strengthening cadre team construction: to implement the party's cadre policy and policy, according to the cadre "4 change" requirement and" having both ability and political integrity, quality for the first " principle, to make cadre appointment, appraisal, use and cultivation, to establish a sound school ( Department ) of mothball cadre team and regular examination system, to actively promote the education and training of cadres, to implement cadre supervision system, to send good school management cadres to go abroad to study. Our department is also in charge of Party members and cadres at and above the county statistical work, and to accomplish the acceptance of Party members and cadres of the appeals and other work.

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